New Dosage Guidelines

ANBEX is pleased to announce that an evaluation of the effectiveness of KI (following its wide use at Chernobyl) has determined that the product is more effective than originally thought, and that smaller doses are adequate to achieve thyroid protection in children. This has led the FDA to issue new guidelines that reduce the amount of KI needed to achieve the minimally effective dose, as indicated below:

Adults and children over 150lbs 130mg 130mg
Children aged 3 to 18 (under 150lbs) 130mg 65mg
Young children (one year to 3 years) 130mg 32mg
Young children (one month to one year) 65mg 32mg
Infants (birth through one month) 65mg 16mg

Note that the smaller minimal children’s doses reflect the product’s effectiveness, and are only findings that a “half-strength” (or less) dose will work. There is absolutely no suggestion that the original full strength dose is harmful, or any reason to doubt the safety or effectiveness of the original guidelines. Parents need to merely understand that child protection can be achieved with less KI than originally thought.

Effective as of 2005, FDA has advised ANBEX that the new guidelines are the ones to be followed.

Patient Product Insert for specific dosage and preparation information