FDA Approved Products

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tested and approved iOSAT and only one other full-strength brand of potassium iodide (Thyro-block) for sale for radiation protection.

However, despite the obvious illegality, there are numerous companies selling unapproved tablets which have not passed FDA manufacturing requirements or demonstrations for safe and effective use in a radiation emergency.

See FDA List of Approved Drug Products

FDA Unapproved Products

  • Any tablets which contain potassium iodate (not iodide);
  • Tablets labeled as nutritional supplements;
  • Tablets containing [“microgram” not “milligram”) amounts of potassium iodide;
  • Any product containing either less than ten, or more than 14, tablets;
  • Tablets sold under the name of:
    • Rad Block,
    • No-Rad,
    • Pro KI,
    • Rad Safe,
    • Rad Guard,
    • KI4U

For more information, visit the Drugs @ FDA Website and search “IOSAT” or “potassium iodide” to view full details.