In recognition of the potential danger in a nuclear accident, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has awarded a contract to Anbex to supply IOSAT (Anbex brand of potassium iodide-KI) to all individuals (who request the tablets) who live within ten miles of US nuclear facilities.

However, People outside the 10 mile zone will not be given tablets. These people will either have to acquire their own personal supplies from ANBEX, or they will have to petition state and local governments to acquire the tablets for them.


The US Navy stockpiles IOSAT on virtually every nuclear powered aircraft carrier and submarine in the fleet. The US Air Force stockpiles IOSAT in numerous locations where nuclear weapons are stored and handled. IOSAT can also be found on other military installations throughout the world.

In fact, under the administration of the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), a large supply of IOSAT tablets are kept on hand for military personnel in the event the US is ever attacked with a nuclear weapon. However, while the number of tablets kept by DLA is considered adequate for short term military needs, it is only a tiny fraction of the amount that would be required to protect the general public from radioactive fallout in a nuclear emergency.